Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini manga reviews (14-10)

This mini reviews might contain spoilers.
14. Sekirei
I started reading this manga because of the drawings. The story is the standard male protagonist meets a whole bunch of the cute girls that have special powers, and they must find a human partner in order to fight against other cute girls. This story is very predictable, everything you expect from a harem is here. But the part that got me to stop reading the manga was the part where one of the characters that I thought was a guy turn to be a girl, or started to turn into a girl. It was so predictable that the first time that character was introduce, his/her name is Homura, I already knew that at some point in the story this character was going to reveal herself as a girl due to something the main male protagonist did or said. I don't read it anymore but the characters are still cute enough that I somethings see some of the chapters just to look at the characters. Even without reading the manga I kind of know what's happening in the manga by just looking at the drawings. I haven't seen the anime yet, because I don't want to see this Homura character reveal herself as a girl all over again.

Grim Reaper

13. Grim Reaper
This is another manga that I started reading because of the picture. The title and the image they use didn't seem to fit, and that's what got me interested. Unfortunately, this manga is five chapters long and it stops just when things start to get exiting. But, in the five chapters there are more opponents than most manga would have in 20 chapters. It stills feel incomplete, the author obviously planned a big story but I guess it was not that popular and had to be dropped.

Near Equal
12. Near Equal
If this manga had more chapters, only two chapters are out, it would be higher in my list. The story is about two characters, in different places, that are bored with their lives and due to some magic mirror their two rooms become connected. After meeting each other they are able to converse to one another. I don't think that there are going to be anymore chapters of this series, but I still enjoy these two chapters.

Mayo Chiki!
11. Mayo Chiki!
This manga is base on a light novel and I only seen three chapters of the manga. The story is about a butler who hides the fact that she is a girl because if someone finds out she is going to be fire from her position from taking care of her ojoo-sama. But, of course someone finds out, the male protagonist, and now Subaru Konoe, the butler, and Kanade Suzutsuke, the ojoo-sama, become close to Kinjirou Sakamachi, the male protagonist, in order to prevent him from exposing their secret.  I have yet to find a website that has the light novels so I'm just reading the manga. But, now that a anime version is coming out I'll just watch the anime and probably forget about the manga and light novel.

Kamikami Kaeshi
10. Kamikami Kaeshi
 This manga also has just two chapters out and there are seems that this story has been dropped. The story is about Mashiro, a girl who has spend her whole life locked away in a room protecting the gods that live inside her hair. After she gets out she finds out that the people she thought were there to protected might not be her friends. What I like the most are that the drawings are very rich, every page looks great. The adult transformation of Mashiro makes me want more of this manga.